Erna van Lingen, our founder

Having full confidence in the resilience and presence of the other
For over 20 years I have focused on change processes and empowering the individual. In the role of process supervisor, trainer and coach.

After completing my studies in Hotel Management and Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, I studied Co-Active Coaching and finished the Post-Academic Training for “Instrument for Aid” of the Institute of Applied and Integrated Psychology (ITIP).

For 30 years I worked in (sub) top sport, working as a club coach, assistant coach and coach of the Dutch National Senior Synchronized Swimming selection. I combine the knowledge and experience of both worlds so that I can reach people in a unique way. People acquire new competencies and helpful patterns. I work in a practical and facilitating way. I always start from the strengths and developmental wishes of the other.

“Sometimes you win, most times you learn”

What I know (fields of expertise)

My expertise is in the field of Leadership, Influence Skills (negotiation, conflict management, dealing with cross-border behavior) and Personal Development (assertiveness, personal strength, time management / vitality). I also train trainers and coaches, timemanagement/vitaliteit). Ik leid trainers en coaches op.

“As knowledge increases, wonder deepens”

My results

Thanks to the above, people feel significantly more competent and self-confident after I work with them. From this secure base they enter into contact with the other more courageously and with increased style flexibility. They meet challenging situations with energy and decisiveness. Teams work together more smoothly and people experience a higher job satisfaction and connection.

“Accept what is, let go of what was en have faith in what will be: you can create!”

What moves me

The world around us is constantly changing. I believe in human resilience, perseverance and adaptability. During the development process we look at changes and investigate intra-personal and interpersonal bottlenecks. Together we investigate and reflect on the insights. We focus on where personal development possibilities lie and I encourage the other to actively engage. My input focuses on making the other person’s inner voice be heard. This is how we get to the real core. This requires us to get to the persons who’s behind the work processes, KPIs and procedures.

“The things you can only see when you slow down”

What I do

Working from safety and acknowledgment, I challenge professionals, teams, management and organizations to look at their current state of ownership, interaction and connection within the organizational system. The open dialogue brings genuine connection. As a result, one gains confidence in oneself and each other and dormant potential gets unlocked.

How I work

My way of working is characterized by calmness, effectiveness and respectful appreciation. I aspire ambitiously for a growth spurt and at the same time I can give the space and time needed for experience in the development process. I am compassionate and enthusiastic. My fresh perspective and concrete feedback provide many insights for clients. Responding to what presents itself in the moment is the basis from which I work with people.

“The direct contact with the other is key in guiding and strengthening people”

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