Individual performance coaching

Move yourself in the desired direction
Individual coaching provides the time, space and support to explore personal themes and patterns (both helpful and unhelpful), to make the changes the coachee wants in life and work. By reflecting on thoughts and actions, but above all by being, feeling and doing, coachee and coach come to the core of the matter. Respect, open communication and experimentation form the base for our work together.


Work-life balance coaching

Create and organize your work-life balance. Get clear on your goals in work & life, based on your values ​​and needs. Explore how you can reach your goal.

Work-life balance coaching topic examples:

  • overall personal development
  • giving meaning to life
  • work-life imbalance issues

Performance coaching focused on personal growth

Linking your goals to your talents and competences. Does your employer ask more of you after a performance review? Do you notice uncertainties arise because of the transition to a new position or participation in a project? It can be challenging to implement new behavior. Performance coaching impacts attitude, feelings, and achievements. Performance coaching topic examples:

  • releasing energy, daring, and self-confidence
  • developing individual competencies and new behavior
  • improving personal results.
“Working with Erna was an experience of enrichment and personal growth. She has an unique skill to create trust while keeping people motivated to push boundaries and step beyond their comfort zones. Her commitment, knowledge and capacity to adapt creates an environment where the learning path is always aligned with the goal and progress is constant.”

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