I am a Wounded Healer, what are you?

door | 15 dec 2018

December is great moment to look forward but also to look back. A moment of reflection and evaluating your journey over the last two-three years. What have I built?

Education wise

When I look back on my own last two years: I completed an awesome education (https://itip.nl/opleidingen/instrument-voor-hulp/) which supported me on my path to become a wise woman as well as trainer and coach. I learned so much about myself, the way I accomplish (and avoid) things, where my energy boundaries really lay, and how I mask life stuff (for myself and for others). It was so valuable that I chose to do a second education (ITIP & Bert Hellinger Institute) for other riches and wisdom. For the upcoming two year: there is more is to come.

Private life

Going through my own personal development themes during my bachelor education for Trainer & Coach I was reconfirmed how extremely delicate we are as humans. That the tiniest, smallest experiences in our lives (good or hurting) make us the person we are. And how important it is to investigate the very small ripples in the water (when you toss a pebble in the pond) instead of looking at the big “ploink” where it hits the water. Because I investigated my own helping- as well as crippling patterns I can help others really well in going through their processes. My coach called me a Wounded Healer… It is a title I (hesitantly) embrace. My experiences formed me.

What are the presents of your life?

If you want to look at your own life and your experiences and investigate the small ripples, call me at 06-53 706 242. And together we will start working on your development goals an discover the presents of your life and how you can make the most of them.

Erna van Lingen is een veelzijdige professional en auteur van blogs en artikelen die gaan over leven en werk in de breedste zin van het woord. Haar blogs creëert ze zelf, zonder ChatGPT of AI in te zetten. Ze zijn authentiek, creatief en uit het leven gegrepen. Erna traint, coacht, faciliteert en verzorgt ontwikkeltrajecten gericht op het aanboren van de kwaliteiten en talenten van het individu, het team en/of de organisatie. Samen met de ander onderzoekt ze waardevrij wat krachtig en helpend is en wat beter of anders kan. Samenwerken, waarderend kijken, openheid en verbindende en geweldloze communicatie kenmerken haar werkstijl.

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