We need a Flow Manager!

door | 1 aug 2016

Unchartered territory
Recently I met a fantastic guy in a company which provides a customer contact center for a major national company. Let’s call him Patrick. Patrick is full of energy and shares his positivism with everybody around him. I immediately felt elevated and happy being in his presence. Now Patrick has a dream for himself. He wants to be the companies first Flow Manager.

What ís a Flow Manager?
A Flow manager is someone who focuses on human capital: he dreams and develops employees and has a playful undertone. He supports them in their personal growth and effectiveness. Through this the team, department and company as a whole comes together and moves into the next level. A Flow Manager makes the connection between the practical part of the organization and the Emotional Quotient. The Flow Manager is intuitive and has a feel for trends and developments in the market as well as within the organization. He provides insights and develops people around him.

Because of all the above
Through this the level of service to the client/customer rises because people in the company dare to make a real and authentic connection on a deeper level with the client. Also sickness numbers will go down and a higher production is reachable. Customer satisfaction will rise significantly and people will think ‘possibilities’ instead of ‘dangers’ and ‘impossibilities’ when Patrick is around.

Patrick has a problem…
Even though the company Patrick works for (in a team leader position) is interested in this phenomena they want to know for sure that this is going to generate more sales and higher customer satisfaction. They want Patrick to- at least, generate his own salary and demand proof that there is more coming out of it. And Patrick has not been able to find any evidence so far that this is the case or that there are other Flow managers in The Netherlands. Do you know one? Please inform us so that we can bring the two together. For Flow Management is still new and unchartered territory.

Bijdrage van Erna van Lingen

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